Life Was Made For Gettin' Dirty

New Mud Drag Class

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At SKORC WE decided to start a all stock class in mud drags. It must be a stock engine use pump gas have glass (windshield etc) it must meet all qualifications for driving on the street. You cannot lighten the vehicle. Any size tire that is dot approved any truck Jeep call for more details on this class 423-539-5032


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Looking into having t-shirts and hoodies made with Southern Kentucky Off Road Complex printed on one side and a photo on the other. Here are the first round of the possible photos. Which ones do you like?


Gentlemen and Ladies Start Your Engines

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    The weather cooperated and we got the practice in as scheduled. The big surprise for rally cars, and tuff trucks is that while the track doesn't look all that different; they will be running the track clockwise. That makes the hairpin turn before the tabletop, the hairpin turn after the tabletop now.

   The mud drags are being fitted with lasers to detect jumps or false starts and another set of lasers to determine the winner.

  See you on April 6th at 7pm for the first full race event of the 2013 season.